Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Roundup

1. Well, I unofficially went back to school today. Hopefully, a few hours a day this week will make next week (official meeting week) smooth sailing. I’m already sick of paperwork and annoyed with my administrators. But I did get all the big pieces of furniture arranged in my classroom and my desk cleaned out. And I’m really lucky because this is the 1st year I haven’t had to move rooms and we were allowed to keep our posters on the walls over the summer. So I should only need a few more hours tomorrow to finish setting up the room. Then on to more paperwork and organizational stuff (not the fun kind either). I’m also sad because my pretty IKEA reading table chair “walked off”.

2. Even if you don’t work directly with kids- here is any easy way to help them out. Nickelodeon has an interactive parent section on their website- and for every tip left before 9/25 they’ll make a donation to Feed the Children’s Kid’s School Basics Program. It takes less than 5 minutes (you do need to give a name and email- I just did last initial and you can choose not to join their email list). Even if you don’t have kids or work with kids- I bet you can suggest a fun idea for lunch or your favorite school supply.

3. Now, I need some crafting help I love planners, calendars and lesson plan books. (I know- dork!) Anyway- I am trying a new style of planner/calendar this year to try to streamline things and decrease “overwhelemedness”. Well, it has this boring black (plastic) cover. I’d like to decorate some how- but I’m not sure with what or how. I’d like it to be fun, colorful, yet calming, inspirational and professional. I’m thinking about fabrics, pictures, quotes, spray adhesive, decoupage (I don’t think paint will work). Let me hear your ideas.

4. John has a new dessert obsession- chocolate croissants. He looks for them at all the coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores we stop at. Tonight he made some! (they are easy, Elf- we used croissants from a can and just stuffed them with chocolate chips). Here are some “pre-baked” pictures (they are still in the oven).

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meizelf said...

Yay! A dessert I can actually handle making! I will definitely have to try these this weekend! They look so yummy and dare I say, easy! Do I have to tell Andrew the dough came from a can?! :)