Saturday, August 9, 2008


Welcome to my corner of the blog-o-sphere! Although everyone and their mother has a blog, and the fact that I am not the best writer (please over look my spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax); I decide to create a blog anyway. I have a few reasons I wanted to start a blog – in no particular order:
- a place to organize my thoughts/ideas
- make me accountability to reach attainable goals
- provide an outlet for stress release
- encourage me to become more thoughtful/reflective
-forcing me to slow down a little
- inspire/ increase my creativity, and provide a creative outlet
- help me stay in touch with friends and family-since I suck at responding to email. And maybe make new friends too
-improve my technical skills

As the title and subtitle suggest I plan to write about anything that pops into my mind!
I hope you can over look my “stream of consciousness” writing style, and come back to visit!

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