Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here you go Mother!

Here you go Mom.
These are the curtains:

Here is how I did it: They are C&B kitchen towels. They are larger than a placemat, and not normal towel fabric. The fabric is more like a thin cotton skirt fabric. I used stitch-witchery to line the backs with white cotton. (don’t worry Mom, I washed the towels and lining first) The hooks are from IKEA. While I like the hooks, I don’t like the rods but they were here. For not much cost in time or money, I’m super happy with them.

While I was taking the pictures, I decided to take some more pictures of new things around the house for you to see.

This is the dinning room wall art I made from 4 “ingredients”; Styrofoam, scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue.

This is the sign in the kitchen. I got it because it reminded me of the one from the wedding.

And above the mantel.

The “new” curtains for the living room- yes I finally finished them.

Maybe next week I’ll do some photos from the bedroom makeover.



meizelf said...

Everything looks great! I LOVE the Eat, Drink,... sign! I like how it's kind of rustic looking. I also like the white curtains in the living room! The look really airy and nice!!

ecb1422 said...

love your new decorating ideas, Daughter!!!!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

LOVE the sign and new curtains!! :)