Monday, October 20, 2008


We decorated for fall a few weeks ago.  But I felt the urge for some new decorations, especially fall ones- not Halloween or Thanksgiving specific.  And of course, I am always in the mood for a new craft project.  Luckily, I found some good sales at Michael's and Jo-Fabs over the weekend. Look for more fall crafts to come soon (I hope).

Don't worry mom- I didn't spill the glitter on the floor.  I was very neat, aren't you proud?


ecb1422 said...

I am SO proud!!! But at leastyouwould be the one cleaning it up now if you spilled!

Sarah Danielle said...

I love these pumpkins! That's it... I am trying this!! :)

Leigh said...

That's why I was careful mom! And I didn't feel like having a orange glittery puppy.

You should totally try it Sarah. It was faster and easier than I expected! And the glitter is staying on better than I thought it would.

Jersey Girl in DC said...

Those are so sparkly and oh so fabulous! Love them! :)