Friday, November 14, 2008

Planners Galore! (dorky I know)

One of my favorite bloggers (G&D) is all about organization (and purses, wine, etc)....anyway a while back she asked for reader requests. It was right around the time I was getting ready for school to start- supply shopping, starting to plan, and my never ending quest for the perfect planner. I loves planners- and have yet to find the perfect one for me (although I do have many specifications) . To make this super dorky long story shorter- that was my reader request to G&D- tell me about your planner preference. She responded that she didn't have any amazing ideas yet, but would think about it.

I ended up designing a notebook on shutterfly to as a planner this year. I've devoted one page to each day and broken it up to fit my needs.


Thursday afternoon I got this email:
"Hi! I apologize for not blogging about planner ideas, but I want you to know I haven't forgotten about you--I just don't have any good ideas yet. =( But my friend Emily recently blogged about planners and some readers replied with their ideas. I thought you might be interested. Here's the link--enjoy!

It sounds like Emily and I share a love of planners! Always looking for something better, and new to try. And there are many other planner addicted people out there too, just like me- phew! what a relief! I'm not alone ;)

The post and replies led me to this:

I'm looking forward to trying it out in 2009! Thanks for your suggestions ladies!

Yes- I'm aware of how much of a dork I sound like. :)


Emily said...

OMG, I love that you are just like me! I've made my decision and the weekdate it is for me for '09. So excited to read more of your blog, thanks for the comment!

Emily said...

Plus, our dogs are almost identical - Casco is a light blonde golden, too.

G+D said...

Hi! So happy to hear I could at least be of some use, lol! Glad to know Emily's post helped you out--she's the best!

Leigh said...

Thanks again GD! Emily does rock! I love her blog- I would say it is far from imperfect!

Emily- aren't goldens the best? Chester is my 4th. I got my green weekdate in the mail last week.