Sunday, November 16, 2008


I know it might surprise some people, especially the ladies in this picture- but I have not yet started listening to Christmas music. Shocking! And that is a big deal considering that when three of us unofficially shared a room, someone teased 2 of us about listening to Christmas music before Halloween.

And I know at least one of my favorite girls is currently listening to Christmas music, guess who? ;)

However, since I'm laying on the couch feeling crummy and seeing lots of holiday commercials - I figured I might as well start working on our cards. The Macy’s Parade and writing out cards is how I start my holiday season!

But I am looking forward to Christmas music and watching this movie

with this girl

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G+D said...

Oh how I love me some Christmas music!! I couldn't resist busting out my Mariah Carey Christmas CD a couple months ago for a little preview! Love it!

I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog about movie versions of things you love sucking. You mentioned RENT, and I have to tell you--G got me the RENT DVD when it was first released and I still can't bring myself to remove the outer packaging! I've been worried it would suck so I still haven't watched it. I should have exercised that same restraint with Twilight--dammit!