Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome Christmas!

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. My goal this week: 3 posts! But I have a good reason- it’s Christmas time. I decorated this weekend and we got our 1st snow of the season. And since I’m in the middle of writing Christmas cards- I’ll just post some quick décor photos.

FYI- since December is flying by - we aren’t having our cookies and cocktail party and we’ll be away the week of Christmas, I went very simple this year. But I can’t wait to have a real house, so I can plan a real Christmas décor.


ecb1422 said...

Your house looks very "Christmasy"!! Is the tree still JMU themed?

Kim & Ryan said...

Love the wreath on the mirror above the fireplace. Oh, how I yearn for a fireplace. =) The footprints in the snow is so cute. I'm about over snow already.

(PS. I store my Christmas trees in the basement and in the eaves upstairs. We have tons of storage in nooks and crannies and the basement is 100% storage cause its not finishable. Thanks for reading our blog.)

Sarah Danielle said...

Aww - love your decor and snow covered patio! Let it snow!! :)