Sunday, April 12, 2009

Long Overdue

***I know the format of this post is crappy, but I'm sick of fighting with blogger.

Since I've been a bad blogger (as some people have nicely pointed out), this pictures of Sarah and Darbi's visit are way late.  Thankfully, this isn't a library so there is no fine.  Here is their visit in photos, with a few necessary captions.

First off, there was lots of puppy cuteness- they also enjoyed a trip to the puppy park, and the requisite bath afterwards.

I found a fun, floppy beach hat on our shopping trip. (sorry camera phone)

Tootsie had a great time  with the scanning gun while grocery shopping.  She was very funny.

We had the inaugural lighting of the firepit- with s’mores of course!

Sarah played the Wii.  Perhaps with a bit too much enthusiasm, since John got smacked with the tennis racket.  

We attended a firefighter dinner, then had a way better time afterwards at the bar.  I also learned how to drive stick shift that night (the two events are connected....think about it).

Finally, being the crafty girls we are, we turned Crate and Barrel napkins/dishtowel (with a bit of aid from scrap fabric, ribbon and handles) into reversible purses. 


Anonymous said...

John said that I only hit his jeans so I dont know how that left a bruise! there are waaaay better picts of us from when I was there wtf. The pups are cuties and I like how I got both of them in that one pict thats mostly Chesterbear. I did have fun with the thing at the gr0cery store bc i hadnt seen one before!

meizelf said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! What is the scanner at the grocery store? Is it for people to add up their grocery bills as they shop?! The purses are very cute. I really like the navy and white one. Glad I wasn't in DC the night you learned to drive stick, hahaha.