Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Bowl of Fabric- craft flashback

A while ago I posted (click for how-to info) about using fabric to make different bowls and baskets. I've since created a few. It was simple and fast, although a bit messy, I wish I had more uses for them. However, I've realized they make great baby shower gifts when made to match the nursery and stocked with baby items. I think next time I would use fuse two pieces together before using the stiffener, that why you see the right side of the fabric inside and out.

Covering my models for protection

drying (over night), then trim, and I touched up the edges with fray-check, just in case

All done and ready to go

a hairbow holder for my friend's daughter, to match her pink and green room

a whatever, catchall for my sister

babyshower gifts, they are made of leftover fabric from the quilt I made

baby wipe holder

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ecb1422 said...

Cute idea using the excess quilt fabric!