Friday, June 19, 2009

“Schools Out for the Summer!” (Now my real life can begin)

I know I’ve been a bad blogger (again); it’s been over a month- yikes! In fact, I hope there is still someone around to read this. But in my defense, it has been a busy month: wrapping up the end of the school year, a couple of plays, a few baby showers, a batch of out-of-town guests, a weekend trip, and a two concerts. I’ll be doing a couple “flash-back” posts to review all those fun happenings.

But the real time-consuming reason I haven’t blogged much is, that we’ve been house hunting. We’ve been looking for about 2 months (although it feels like three times that); and contrary to media reports, it isn’t a great buyers’ market. Most of the reasonable priced houses are crapholes, which need more work than they’re worth. The nice houses are overpriced, and the seller’s won’t negotiate because they bought when the market was inflated, so now they don’t want to lose money. And the ones in-between (well priced, and needing just the right amount of updating) are few and miles between. Clearly, none of the 5 offers we’ve submitted have been accepted. While, it is frustrating and time consuming we are fortunate enough to be working with a great agent!

Anyway, on to fun topics… was the last day of school! Actually, the kids finished Wednesday, and then we had 2 teacher workdays.

How have I celebrated so far?

The summer table runner and centerpiece have been pulled out.

Summer berries have been baked into breads and muffins.

We enjoyed a “Huey Lewis and The News” concert last night at the beautiful Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, with a picnic prior to the show.

I’ve painted my toes a bright shade. (Yes, I have stars tattooed on my foot). Chester is excited to have me home (I didn’t have pose him that way).

And look at the awesome end-of-school “gift” someone left for me in their large item trash pile! (Yes, I totally looked like an idiot pulling over on a busy road and single handily tossing it in the back of car.)

I’m so excited about it!!! I don’t have any plans for it yet (where it will go, how I’ll refinish it), but I’m pumped to have the set!

Now, I think I’ll take a nap before going out for an end-of -school date tonight!

Happy summer to all!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leigh!!

I am also SUPER excited about school being out!! I teach first grade and we had to go until Thursday! (yuck)

We just moved into our house on Tuesday. I know what a long and frusturating process it can be especially in the Northern Virginia area. Where are you looking? We got really lucky with this house and it was a foreclosure. We did then have other things to work on like the hot water heater, the shower leaking etc. Good luck with everything!!

By the way your dog is adorable! He could be friends with Banner :)

Enjoy your summer!!!