Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bon Bini

Bon Bini, meaning "Welcome" in Papiamento the language of Aruba, welcome to my post about our terrific vacation. This was our second trip to this “one particular harbor” (side note: Buffett Day is a week away), with the purpose being to attend a college friend’s wedding. It was stunning! How could it not be, seeing as it was held on the beach of a tropical island at sunset with flamingos in the background? Since I took 452 photos and 1 video, I’ll just show you a few quick highlights.

the hotel beach- Renaissance Island

the best spot on the island, in my 0pinion

Flamingos, very tame, at our beach

the waterslide at Senor Frog's bar
yes, you go down the slide at a bar, in your clothes or undies

JMU girls

the north shore- very pretty and with extra large waves due to the hurricane

On our final night we ate at the Flying Fish Bone. This is an amazing restaurant, and not just for the great seafood, but because you can eat at a table in the water. Yup, you eat dinner with your feet (and ankles) in the ocean. Oh, and there is a wonderful view of the sunset.


Kelly said...

Looks like a beautiful beach and wedding! I heart Jimmy Buffett and was hoping to get to his concert next weekend in Va with my dad. Tickets were sold out by the time we actually knew about the concerts. Maybe next year! Are you going??

Anonymous said...

I am super jealous!!! That looks like you had a great time. When do you head back to school?

Emily said...

That looks AMAZING. I'm dying with jealousy here at my work desk... And love the slide picture - I've never been to a Senor Frogs, but it's on the life list.

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I am SO jealous! Everything looks beautiful - glad you had a great time!