Friday, February 5, 2010


Well it is here- Snowocalypse.  

The DC area is freaking out about the impending snow storm.  We have been told to prepare to "shelter-in place" for 3-5 days. Like Emily commented the other day, I grew up in a frequently snowy area so I find this situation both foreign and funny. Yes, we might get more than 2 feet of snow, but everything will be fine people. 

We had a snow day Wed for 4 inches of snow, and we have a snow day today...but it won't start snowing until lunch time.  We could have gotten in a half day of school.  I love a good snow day but now we'll be in school on Memorial Day. 

Late last night we went to the grocery store, not because we are crazy people, but because John wanted chicken nuggets. Not only were they low on bread and milk but even things like cheese and lettuce. 

Since I love snow and snow days, you might be wondering why I'm annoyed about this storm- I had a to cancel a baby shower for a good friend.  I know it was the safest, smartest decision but I'm still sad about it. 

On the up side- I'm cuddled in with firewood, movies, my computer, crafts, house decor planning (& school work).  

Let it snow :)


Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

Good luck staying warm! It's snowing pretty good here now- sticking to the roof but not quite sticking to the roads yet. They cancelled schools here at 5:30am, before anything starting falling! So crazy, but that's Virginia for ya!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Tell me about this snow, my work canceled last night (we follow Fairfax county schools). I've got the same game plan as you for the weekend, a little work but lots of crafts!

Yes, I got your email, I'm slow on responding but your wedding sounds like it was wonderful. My boyfriend talks about driving to H'burg in the summer to eat at Daves. No joke.

Kelly said...

That stinks about your friends' baby shower! They told us last night that we would have a 2 hour early dismissal today...good call considering we used our last snow day on Wednesday when we could have been there. They are talking about taking away our spring break!!

Lauren said...

That does stink about your friend's shower but I think you made the right call!! My cookie party got snowed out back in December.

We have used 5 snow days (out of 3) so far.. so we have to work on President's Day and they might be taking away our workday in April :(

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