Friday, February 12, 2010

Take your mark, get set, go

I'm so excited for the Olympics, I love the Olympics! 
2010_winter_olympics_logo1.png (501×501)

We are ready to watch the opening ceremonies. John is even sporting an Olympic Rings t-shirt, that he found at Target of all places.  (goof ball won't let me take his photo though.)  
For the Beijing games we enjoyed Chinese food while watching the opening.  I didn't have much luck finding Canadian recipes.  So we'll be chowing down on mac and cheese with Canadian bacon mixed in. I think I'll whip these up for dessert/snack/tomorrow's breakfast (if they last that long)

*** Edit
This is such sad news!  I feel horrible for the poor athlete, his family, team, and country. What a sad way to start such a special event.  I wonder if they will continue with this event?


Emily said...

Watching Georgia march in broke my heart, so tragic.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the Olympics! I wish they had been on this past week while we were stuck at home!