Monday, May 10, 2010

Flowers for you!

Sorry to be gone so long!  These past few weeks have been a blur of baseball games, family visits, dinner with friends, showers, a nasty cold, and birthday parties.  Lots of (well mostly) fun things, but not to much inspiration (or time) for posting. 
I hope you're still with me.  To make up for my neglect, I've brought you flowers!
The women two owners prior was a master gardener and remarkable some of her perennials have survived. I just wish I knew how to care for them, and maybe even add more. (Mom...........wanna come help?)
Tonight my good friend, Cindy, came over to help me with another super cool, very exciting project I can unveil in just a few weeks.  She assisted with the arrangement and photography of the blooms.  And she taught me a great insider's tip- florists put a grid of clear tape over the mouth of a vase to assist with the arrangement of flowers. How cool?!

Fresh cut from my back yard 

Anyone know what this flower is?  It grows in a big bush, the flowers are on sticks.  Sorry trouble taking the photo- flash + mirror.

Were those good enough to get me out of the proverbial blogger doghouse? 


Jordan said...

Yeah, I guess those will do ;) Pretty!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

Ohh pretty! I can't wait for our yard to be in a state where I can start planting perennials. Do I spy some peonies?

Kelly said...

Beautiful! You're so lucky to have the space to grow flowers like that. The peonies are gorgeous!

ecb1422 said...

You could take a small branch of those cute white flowers to that great nursery we visited last spring. You know I wish you were close enough to do projects with like flower gardening, etc. :>

Anonymous said...

I am super jealous that you have peonies and other pretty flowers growing in your yard. We had some tulips in March/April and now all we have are lots and lots of weeds!

Anonymous said...


annecychic said...

Leigh, OMG! Those flowers are beautiful! I had no idea you had those beautiful perennials in your yard. You have peonies--I love them!