Sunday, May 16, 2010


I know it is half way through the month, and this isn't really a goal list, more of a to-do list. This (like the past 3) is shaping up to be super busy, just trying to stay organized here people. 

My May To-Do List
 all to be done before leaving for my cousin's wedding Memorial Day weekend

Must Dos:
-complete and turn in professional development plan    DONE! Turned it in last Friday :)
-order new Reefs 
-find dress for wedding (shoes, jewelry, undergarments?) 
-weed, trim, plant (pots, window boxes) the front yard
-repeat for the back- plant veggies/herbs 
-buy tickets to Chicago for my sister's grad school graduation
-survive administering state standardized testing  (without strangling my administrator) 
-finish a super cool project for Cindy 
-get hair cut/highlighted   DONE! Not sure it is exactly what I wanted, it looked good when she did it but now.....
-schedule pool opening 
-have fun at the wedding- don't forget family "heirloom" candle snuffer to pass down (& special surprise)!

Like Tos:
-finish a project for Chester
-organize shed
-lawn furniture
-paint trim/doors 
-blog 3 times a week
-organize my 4,824 saved bookmarked sites 
-sell things on Craigslist 
-help new friends paint their new condo (yes, that is you Brynn) 
-read a book

Can't have a post without a picture~
DC Cherry Blossoms- a couple springs ago 

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elf said...

My favorite to do item: blog 3x a week :) Also, let us see a pic of your new hair-do!!!