Monday, July 26, 2010

Ageing Child Stars

What book series did you read religiously (over and over again) as tween/teen?  For me it was The Babysitters' Club and Anne of Green Gables (yes, I know very different).  

Well, Francine Pascal, the author of the Sweet Valley books has written a new book.
Sweet Valley Confidential
It tells the story of the twins, Elizabeth and Jessica, now in the their twenties, as adults.  The full book won't be out till next year but you can sign up here to read the first chapter online.  

Yes, I did it.  I read a few of the Sweet Valley books in high school, so I was familiar with the (never changing) plot and characters... and I was procrastinating.  If you have 10 minutes to fill and remember the books from their/your younger years it may interest you.

Are you going to go catch up with Elizabeth and Jessica?


Kelly said...

My friend and I were just having a discussion about the chapt books we read growing up. I read Babysitters Club and Anne of Green Gables (oh and watched the movies on PBS over and over). I also read Judy Blume books religiously...just found out she has written two books for adults!
Sadly, I might have to see what Elizabeth and Jessica are up to. Hope there's lots of drama!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

I dont think I ever read the Sweet Valley books but we did have a Sweet Valley High board game. Talk about sweet! I read ALL of the RL Stine books back in the day. I also read Nancy Drew. Probably fed in to why I like crime-murder-mystery type books now.

Emily said...

OMG, seriously? Have got to check this out! I read the Sweet Valley Twins books religiously in elementary school - and then read a few of the High books later on. I can't believe there's a follow-up.