Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer TV

It drives me nuts when John channel surfs, I don't understand the point and find it highly annoying.  However, one night in June he stumbled upon something great-

Yes, it is a reality show. Dr. Brent Ridge (left) and Josh Kilmer-Purcell (right), bought The Beekman Estate (circa 1802); the Beekman is a farm in Sharon Springs NY, however neither of the guys are a farmer.  Brent is a doctor who worked for Martha Stewart (yes she was on the show), heading up her well-living division and Josh is in advertising and a NY Times best selling author.   

Their dream is to make Beekman a working farm- Josh grows a garden, there are goats (their milk is used to make cheese and soap), pigs (until they were harvest for winter meat), and a llama. Brent lives on the farm full time working on the farm, and producing/selling their cheese (Blaak) and handmade soaps. And for this first year of turning the Beekman into a profitable business,  Josh works in the city each week and returns to the farm on weekends.  

They are hysterical!  Brent is a perfectionist, control freak (I know, sounds a bit like me, I get it) who doesn't "want the barnyard to look like a barnyard" and ties ribbons to goats. Josh, a former drag queen (of which one of his books is about), has great reactions to Brent's antics.  In addition to cracking me up by farming in argyle sweater vests , they do have an underlying message about local, sustainable farming and taking chances (and the sacrifices necessary to make it work).

Go check out the Beekman Boys, Wednesday @ 9 on Planet Green.  Reruns are shown often, as in nightly, and leading up to the new episodes on Wednesday.  

Those are live goldfish- fyi

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I really want to watch this show. Mostly because I want to be a farmer. ;)