Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TV Land

Now that fall TV has started, I think it is time for some True Confessions.  

1. I'm a bit of a teeny bopper. I love GLEE. 
I wasn't into when the show first premiered, but last spring John and I watched the whole series in two weeks.  The story lines and writing aren't anything special, although amusing at times.  And I do applaud some of their "stories with a message" episodes from last season- teen pregnancy, disAbilities, gay acceptance. What I LOVE is the music and guest stars.  
As my former roommates will attest to, I don't have a varied music selection.  My rotation consists of: Christmas music (starting in October), Jimmy Buffett, 80's music, A Cappella (hello Madison Project) show tunes (Rent and Grease frequently), and bits of current pop.    I love me some show tunes; I love Broadway.  I'm also a big a cappella fan (and even watched that show with Nick Lachey last winter) .  Last spring John came home with the first Glee CD days before our flight to Florida, made for a nicer flight.  Since then, I've bought most of their songs via itunes. 

And on my Glee, the guest stars!  
Idina Menzel- I've already shared how much I love her! I will be very disappointed if she doesn't return this season.

Kristen Chenoweth- is amazing and a real B'way star.

NPH- who doesn't love some NPH?  I love me a guy who can sing.

Yes, 2 of those three people have been in RENT.  Not a coincidence.

Confession number2- I'm a bit of a nerd.  I never thought it would happen, but I like a show on the Sci-Fi channel.  
This show is totally random, cheesy, frequently makes no sense and has horrible special effects.  However, it is one of those summer season shows, so it is my "poor man's Bones".

Your turn, any odd TV viewing habits? 


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

i think you and I were meant to be best friends. Just saying. Your music could be my playlist. Heck, it probably is my playlist.

Broadway? A ccapella? 80s? CHRISTMAS?

And, I love the music on Glee, too. Like show tunes, watching it makes me want to dance and sing and generally live an enchanted life.

And, sometimes I tell Ryan I'm going to make our lives a musical for the evening, and then I randomly sing things instead of speaking them. What can I say? I'm quirky.

Lauren said...

I also love Glee! I have almost all of their songs on my ipod. Chris and I are also big 80s and classic rock fans. You would enjoy our wedding playlist :)

My t.v. confession is that I am currently addicted to the show Hoarders. It's terrible and it disgusts me.. yet I can't stop watching. What is wrong with me?!