Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting Ready For The Season

Oh, my-where have I been?!  A whole month flew by without a post- opps.  I've been up to a lot (not blogging clearly), so I have much to share in the coming weeks...get excited!

One thing we've been busy doing is working on our curb appeal.  Chester has found a new way to help with the gardening.

And we John spent a week getting the pool ready.  Our holiday weekend plans are to lay around the pool- Chester is already enjoying it.  (he was so excited to have it open again, he has been doing nightly laps)

How are you spending the three day weekend?  
Whatever you do- have fun and stay safe!


Kelly said...

Very jealous of your pool! I'm enjoying the Memorial day sales and a good book!

beachy in the burbs said...

So cute to see Chester loving the pool! Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Chester is so freaking cute! He needs to be friends with Banner!

Jordan said...

Chester is so cute in the pool! We went backpacking with some friends in WV this weekend. It involved crossing rivers and our water-hating dog was not a fan :( I think Chester would've had a great time!

baby sister said...

Had a graduation party to attend and a birthday party to attend. Other than that, we worked out in the yard that is never done.