Monday, October 10, 2011

September Where Did You Go?!

In the beginning of September I had the great plan of making monthly goals. I guess I should have made "regularly reviewing the goals" a goal.  

And before setting the goals I should have checked the calendar and realized that in the weeks between Labor Day and New Year's Day we have about 2 free weekends.  I should have factored that in- opps. 

How'd I do?

Finish a baby blanket- the baby was born in May -haha, I did finish pulling out all the stitches, took about 20 hours.  I should have just made a new quilt. 
-do a "me" craft   I'm counting the new fall wreath as a "me" craft. I'll share soon.
-keep my nails pretty- since I do a lot of writing at work, I hope it will brighten my day -good enough to meet my low standards. 
-work at three times a week- before school??? - I averaged about 1 time a week, but never before school.  No matter how I try, I'm never going to be a morning person. 
-blog once a week There was one week without blogging but a few other weeks with multiple posts- I'm calling it achieved.  
-nightly writing three times a week- I've never been a great journaler but I jotting (in no organized fashion) thoughts and worries will help me relax and fall asleep at night -Haha, didn't happen once.

-clean out and organize my closet Done! There are a few things I still want to do, labeling etc but good enough for now.  I'll show it soon. 
-work on decorating the craft room A thought didn't even cross my mind.
-fall gardening- research, order, plant some cool weather veggies and spring bulbs?  Done I'm really excited about some of the bulbs we planted. I'll show them off soon.
-keep up our cleaning routine We did pretty well, more or less.

-make it through the 1st month of school by leaving at 6pm, doing no more than 1 hr a night at home, 2 hours max on the weekends  On average I kept this goal- super pleased with myself. 

-dinner at the table 3 times a week Maybe once in the whole month?
-meal planning weekly Pretty good but we didn't always stick with it.
-2 date nights None but we did have lots of fun evenings hanging out with our friends.
-weekly family meetings- to look at the schedule for the week ahead and plan meals - Some, could do better.  Mostly for the purpose of meal planning. 
-create a new year budget (to me the year goes from Aug-Sept) - nope 
-plan anniversary trip
-sadly no, and we paid the sad price .

Hopefully I'll create some, more reasonable, October goals soon. I know it is a week in, please don't remind me.

How was your September? 

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