Monday, November 14, 2011

Switch It Out

I'm on a (painfully slow) mission to replace all the lighting in our house. All the overhead lights in this house are horrible, old (and not in a pretty retro way) and nasty.  I've just completed the third switch in almost 2 years.

This dark little spot is right outside the pantry/kitchen nook.  It is narrow, dark, and oddly shaped space.  I was looking to add more light and certainly more style.

I found this shade I loved at Tar-jay.  We used the existing hardware, with a few extension for length.   It is a soft gray pleated fabric.  I thought it was a nice neutral, since I have a lot of colors going on there. And the texture is great too.

Notice how you can see the gold hardware underneath? That is making me crazy! Yes, I could paint it but what really makes me nuts is that it hangs low enough to be visible. Ideas? 

 Yes, the wrapper is stil on...just till I'm 100% sure.

What do you think?


Jordan said...

I've never thought about putting a lamp shade on the ceiling...but it totally works (it's probably something that's all over the internet and I'm just behind on the style?)

Anyway, I'm a fan, but would also be annoyed by the fixture hanging below. And I have no good ideas for fixing it ;)

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

Does it hang below the shade or is it just visible? Could you get like a diffuser panel to put on the bottom so you dont see the fixture at all?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I was wondering about a diffuser panel, too. I think someone may have done a DIY one with something cheap. Aren't I helpful?

I think you are so smart to make this simple fix. I think it looks good.

Anonymous said...

Judging our lighting, eh? What if I like those fixtures (the same heinous ones that are at my house)??? :)

That looks 100000% better. I couldn't see any gold.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I lied. I can see the gold. That would drive me crazy (and will the next time I'm up)- I say paint it for now.