Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cake Balls

Last night we went to see our friends’ Matt and Lisa’s new (super cool) townhouse! It has some awesome features and great design. I’m very impressed that in 5 days they are pretty much unpacked and well organized! They were even organized enough to pick out paint colors ahead of time, so that all the rooms/halls were painted before they moved in.

Anyway, as part of their house-warming gift (& Olympic viewing snack) we tried out a new recipe….cakeballs. It was pretty easy (& really messy) to make, but a little time consuming due to “chilling time”. The batch made a ton of balls, and while they aren’t as pretty as the original- they tasted good. Although next time I won’t use chocolate cake- I thought the vanilla icing would counter act some of the chocolate….not so much. It was like eating a moist triple chocolate brownie. I already have some possible combinations in mind for next time : )

My handy photographer captured some of the process….

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jmu1967 said...

They look really yummy! Chester would like to try a kibble ball some time soon though.