Monday, August 11, 2008

pop, pop, pop, pop

All kinds of things going on- this past weekend and today – we were both lazy and productive. Although I always think it could have been more productive. : )

1. Cooking
I used a large batch of our garden fresh tomatoes to stock up on fast winter dinners. I froze two dinner’s worth of tomato soup (and used up bread leftover from brie). It was the easiest tomato soup I’ve made- although the messiest since, my mini food processor couldn’t handle it all at once. Of course, when we eat the soup we’ll heat it up. Now this winter, we just need to make a grilled cheese sandwich (maybe with cheddar and turkey) and we’ll have a gourmet d-hall style dinner- in a flash!

For dinner we had a grilled chicken sandwiches (with roasted potatoes). I made pesto mayo (we have a lot of basil growing) to go the sandwiches. We’ve never made that before- it was really simple and pretty tasty. And there is plenty leftovers for lunch sandwiches this week.
John and I found some great deals this weekend.
Our Linens and Things is closing in a week, they didn’t have much left but we found a few things: a plate and bowl from our china set ($5 each), digital picture frame (since I love to frame pics), and a fun little dude so that I can listen to my ipod in my classroom. $15.00 landsend jeans- they are darker than they look in the pic. They are a bit of a trouser style. Finally jeans I can wear to IEP meetings!!
World Market was having a big sale on their outdoor furniture and supplies. So we got a new (bigger) umbrella and seat cushions. All perfect for the new outdoor set up- pictures to come (tomorrow I hope).

3. Olympics
The swimteam is kicking ASS! How cool was last night’s relay? And Jason Lezak’s 100 free tonight was also great (and he is such a cutie)! I did feel bad about Katie Hoff getting touched out for gold last night- she should have gone “to the wall”. I am also getting into beach volleyball. Now, if only NBC would show women’s basketball.

4. Cool décor/craft
How cool is this picture?! It would be great in a den or library, even an office. I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do it though. It also makes me think of the bathroom in my 1st house- the wallpaper was made to look like old newspapers. However, it was not cool or pretty like this.

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