Friday, January 23, 2009

Letter M

Megan at Wandering DC is playing "I love the following 10 things that begin with the letter __", her designated letter was H. People can ask to join the game and receive their own letter. It's like a chain letter for blogs. I was assigned the letter M. So without further ado-

The 10 things I love that begin with the letter "M" are:



Madison- as in James Madison University


Markers, must be either crayola or sharpie. These crayola brights are the current favorite in my classroom.

Monograms- they are just fun.

Mashed Potatoes- the best comfort food there is. I may be known for eating a large bowl of these all by myself, with nothing else, for dinner. I prefer the classic style, no chives, garlic, onions, bacon, or parsley.

Michael's- I'd love to go on a shopping spree there!

Movies- Grease is my all time favorite

Microwave Steam Bags! I love these for quickly cooking veggies, shrimp and potatoes.

Martha Stewart. I don’t love her personally, but I love her ideas, website, wedding magazine (got my save-the-date idea from one), craft projects and products.


Mozzarella Cheese- fresh and local please. Yummy, tastes like summer to me- though I’ll take it year round.

If you'd like to help keep the letter chain going, please leave me a comment.

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ecb1422 said...

Aw, Leigh :> :> :> YUP!!!!!