Monday, February 23, 2009

I got a ticket

Not only did I get 1 ticket I got 4 tickets.  

No....not that kind of ticket.

The fun kind.   John and I have begun thinking about and planning for spring/summer.           (please let it come soon) 

These are some of our coming attractions- 

Rent- I'm going twice-(maybe more?!)

Red Soxs 

Buffett     Get ready mom!

Other tickets to be purchased:


Emily said...

We are definitely twins separated at birth. You're going to see Rent AND Jimmy Buffet? Jimmy is my all time fave. I told B one day that if something were ever to happen to me, I wanted Margaritaville played at my funeral and Margaritas served at the wake.

Emily said...

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to agree to disagree on the Red Sox. They pummeled my Rockies in the World Series. It's a shame because I loved them before that little run-in.

ecb1422 said...

I'm ready, Leigh!! Already thinking shorts, flipflops,which shirt I should wear!!! :> :> :>

meizelf said...

Oh geez, how many times have you ALREADY seen Rent?! haha.