Wednesday, February 25, 2009

**sigh** Spring

{Photo Credit: John Peden}

I like winter- I enjoy cold temps and snow.  But it is almost March and while it is cold- there is no snow coming.  So, at this point if I can’t get a snow day out of it- I’m done with cold weather.  I’m ready for warmer weather (not hot, mid 70’s would be great), and  longer sunnier days. 

This picture, discovered by Just Beachy, made me realize how much I am wishing for spring. And a little homesick, because I think this house might be close to my hometown. 

Mom, Tootsie, Jen and Noah (via Terry)- is that the house from Avon?  



ecb1422 said...

The flowers sure look like it but I think the front door on that house is in the center not to the side. I'll look next time I go by.

Emily said...

Wow. Those are some beautiful flowers. And a charming house. Love!

ecb1422 said...

That IS the house, Leigh!!!!