Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sunny Weekend

Finally!!! We had a lovely, sunny, warm weekend (well, really 1 day) in DC.  And we took full advantage of it! Due to all our spring activity I had to use the camera phone- sorry for the quality. 

Chester spent a ton of time roaming his domain (a.k.a the backyard) and playing with the neighbor dogs.  Then cooled off with his Chill Bone

John and I went for a bike ride along the Potomac.  We rode from the marina on the GW Parkway to Gravely Point.  Where we stopped to relax on the grass next to the water for a (long) while.  And with the fabulous weather, we weren't the only people there.  We watched a cute puppy, Mason, chase his ball with a distant view of some monumental buildings.  Planes soared in right above us to land at the airport.  It was equally cool and freaky.  I found a four-leaf clover, which of course I'm pressing in preparation for a yet-to-be-thought -of craft.  We had a very relaxing afternoon, followed by a fire-pit night including peep s'mores. 

Today we hit up the outlets and Costco, we found a few good buys-I can only find an online picture of one.

A seersucker suit for John to wear (as separates) for some upcoming tropical weddings.

This morning we woke up to a rainy, gray, cool day- perfect yucky Monday weather huh?

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Megan said...

Your husband went to JMU? So did mine! Your dog is so cute.. :0)

[I am in the process of planning another boudoir marathon in June.. you could get a discount if you got a friend to sign up with you!] :-) I'll post about it soon!