Sunday, November 1, 2009

September Flashback

While I spent most of September working/sick (we've had 5 cases of swine flu at my school already), I did manage squeeze in some fun events.

In early September we celebrated a good friend's 30th birthday. We went to Tallula, a local restaurant in Clarendon. It was a lovely evening.

We enjoyed some fall flavored food. All of it was made by "Chef" John and all delicious. I brought some of the doughnuts to a team meeting at school, where a fellow teacher asked if I had a doughnut maker. My response- "ya, John".

John's version of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Apple Pie candy apple. They were a bit tough to bite into, but yummy nonetheless.

The recipe from the Food Network Magazine .

The apple cider doughnuts were fantastic! I love apple cider, and find it difficult to track down good cider here. So I loved the flavor of these doughnuts, and the pairing with cinnamon sugar topping was perfect! Delish!

We spent a very pretty afternoon at Great Falls Park in Fairfax, Va. This is a National Park that spans Va and Md. The exciting part of this park, is that it has multiple waterfalls. If you are ever in DC and looking for something to do besides monuments, this is a great place to go explore.

We saw the Walking with Dinosaurs traveling show. John was really excited about this, I've got some leftover fear of Dinosaurs from kindergarten. But I have to say, the show was very well done and visually amazing. However, the ticket price was a bit steep considering the length of the show and in no way was it appropriate for a child under 10. Still, it was a nice and different type of evening out.


Anonymous said...

We have the Swine Flu going around our school as well. I love Great Falls! We were thinking about having our engagement pictures taken there.. when it stops raining!

ecb1422 said...

Chef John...those doughnuts look SO good!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Doughnuts and Chester in one post = BEST POST EVER, lol

He is such a cutie pie! Glad to know the whole family had fun on your hiatus.