Monday, January 25, 2010

Etsy, sweet Etsy

I love Etsy for many reasons- fun, unique, reasonable prices, inspiration for my own projects, great procrastination tool, etc.  I know many of you share my feeling.  And, yet I'm still shocked that there are many people who don't know about Etsy.

I  do have a frustration with Etsy though- it is so overwhelming to search, especially when I have a specific item in mind. So, really enjoy and appreciate when bloggers post items/sellers they like. It has lead me to some cool, and useful, things off  (and go and forth between opening my own shop). I'm thinking it is time pay it forward. 

I posted about seller savoiefairephoto  here.  


I can't wait to order more.   I almost want to order one for our new house (fingers crossed), but we have last name issues. 


Anonymous said...

I love those! I've seen so many vendors on Etsy that carry a similar style photo, but this one is really quite beautiful. You can always get your first names I suppose.

Elf said...

You do have a certain initial on your front door and not the other initial, so it wouldn't be so bad to just use his name :) You know you want one!