Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Playing With My Food

My friend has recently purchased new dining room table.  The table pre-Civil War, and in amazing condition.  Pretty cool. Anyway, she invited a group 0f friends for a "new -old table" christening dinner.  I offered to bring some appetizers.  I love apps! 

The dinner was right after school on Friday, so I prepped Thursday night. I didn't want to take a mid-week trip to the grocery store, so I made do with what was in the house.

John titled it my Italian Spanakopita; 

Puff pastry brushed with fresh basil pesto, sun dried tomatoes, halve roasted meatballs (I wanted to use rounds of sweet sausage, but had none in the house), fresh mozzarella. It was pretty tasty, in fact we forgot to take a finished shot.

What is your favorite app?


Kelly said...

Yummy!!! I love Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

This looks divine Leigh! My favorite is the crab cake! I love those fluffy crunchy puffs of HEAVEN!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

i love apps! my favorite is naturally anything with cheese. and i've only got about 15 million recipes that i want to try (guess i need to host more parties.

Amigh said...

As the person who had the party, I have to say that these apps were so tasty and everyone loved them.

Leigh, we have a few more parties coming up . . .