Monday, January 18, 2010

My Tale Of Being A Night Owl

I've hinted at it before- but I am most defiantly, without a doubt, in no way a morning person.  I never, not even when sick or recovering from an all-nighter, go to asleep before 12:00 am (generally later).  

I try, well sometimes,  really try to go to sleep earlier. Regardless of how tired I am after work, by 9:00pm I have plenty 'o' energy.  My preferred sleeping hours seem to be 2am-9am.  I find I am at my most focused, productive and creative late at night.

One, itty, bitty little problem... teachers have to be at school early, can't be late and have no flexability in their schedule.   And try as I might- I haven't been able find an elementary school that starts at noon. 

Do you know of a night school for kids?


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

My friend Tracy is a teacher and she has this same issue - she is up at all hours prepping for the next day's class she never sleeps! By the weekend she is so done. A teachers job is never done I suppose! ;)

Kelly said...

I'm a strictly 10pm girl...if I can't get there earlier. I would teach at a school that starts at noon because I love to sleep in!