Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Changes Keep On Happening

That first week in our house we were busy!  We accomplished lots of small, but great, changes.  Since then we haven't done too much- lots of birthday celebrations, baby showers and visitors.  

Both the hall bath on the first floor and the 2nd floor shower had doors.  Well, actually at one time the hall bath had them, but they didn't not come with the house, only the tracks were left.  And the doors in the 2nd floor shower were nasty.  Rather than replace the doors, not so much my style, we installed curved shower rods.  They were a pain the ass to install, took about two hours for two people to follow the complicated directions.  But they are totally worth it!  The curved rods make the shower seem huge.

John (and his brother) did a lot of work in an effort to bring some curb appeal to the house.  Proof that less is more- the ac window unit, metal awning, tv dish, tv antenna, and dead tree were all removed in a single Saturday morning. 



Prior to painting we removed the two funky, pointless, built-in hampers and the "shoved through the wall dresser", and dry walled all the gaps they left behind.  We also filled in an extra doorway (the two doors were feet apart, on the same wall and leading to the same hallway) in the master bedroom.


Coming soon- crafty "Leigh-bellished" furniture 


elf said...

Love all the progress updates! Keep them coming!! Everything looks awesome!

Emily said...

I cannot believe how much you guys have already accomplished. This house is becoming more beautiful every second!

ecb1422 said...

The front looks so much better already with out that awning.It uncovered that great molding around the front door. What a highlight for the curb appeal!