Monday, April 12, 2010

Those Happy Changes

In addition to all the paint, we've made some other changes to our new home.  

Due the disgusting state of the existing fridge, we bought a new one.  It is awesome! The only thing is that, the bottom freeze style have larger dimensions that older it won't fit in the "fridge" space.  Therefore it's temporary home is in an open area off the kitchen.

Two years ago I got a drum(ish) pendent lamp for finally has a home in our new home!

I switched out the lamp shade of the floor lamp in the living room.  There was no great reason other than John wasn't thrilled with the old one and I saw this cute one at Ikea.  no before photo.

The upstairs bathroom window offered no privacy, however it does get great light. We didn't want to lose the light, so blinds were out of the question.  Instead we frosted the window.  It was relevantly simple, fast and very cheap.

There are more changes on the way!


Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

LOVE the fridge! We have the same style, only without the water dispenser on the outside. I love the drum shade, too!

Anonymous said...

I think that your funky lamp hanging thing would be perfect in the den instead of the bedroom- just my 2 cents!

Kelly said...

Looks nice! The fridge looks very nice! And I like the lamp shade!

Lauren said...

I love the fridge! I am super jealous! We haven't gotten any new appliances yet! Although I currently have a deep hatred for our dishwasher. I love the frosting on the window and the pendant lamp in the dining room. We still have our chandelier that came with the house.