Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creative Ideas

Last time, I told you about the candle snuffer I passed down to my cousin at this wedding.  I wanted to share a few cute and creative ideas from the wedding also.

I just liked the blue and cream flower combo, and this shot.

Table numbers- the wedding was at a beach resort, so not only are these table numbers fitting but oh, so creative.  It is a frame with the glass removed, the "sand" background is sandpaper, with little "beach glass" pieces forming the number.  There so many versions of this- a summer baby shower with the date or initials, on a bigger scale a welcome sign for a beach party or invitations....

My cousin, being the goof-ball that he is, had some fun with the garter removal.  Once the bride was seated, his groomsmen slid things under the chair- a 3 foot plush Elmo, a dinosaur, etc., it got so crowded he needed a headlamp to find her garter. 

Despite our sunburn, we had a great time. John even got me to stop being a chatty, social butterfly long enough to dance.

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...just beachy in the burbs said...

Leigh, I adore those table numbers! Also love the pic's of you two :)