Monday, June 21, 2010

family "heirloom" candle snuffer

I mentioned in my May To-Do List a family "heirloom".  When my dad's eldest sister got married 30 some odd years ago, they were given a rather strange gift- a simple brass candle snuffer.  This is odd because, really who uses a candle snuffer, and the gift was from a "well-off" but eccentric aunt. When my parents were married a few months later, my aunt generously passed the candle snuffer on to them.  From there it went to my other aunt, and finally my dad's youngest brother was the owner of the snuffer for 20 years.

I (nor my sister or cousins) can remember how old we were when we first heard the promise of the prized candle snuffer.  I was the first to get married, and the first of the "next generation" to be awarded the candle snuffer.  (lucky I know)  Well, my cousin got married in May, so it was my turn to pass on what had become my "favorite" (and only) candle snuffer.  

I decided to add my own (more practical and fun) twist; I created a monogram for the couple, from which I hand-carved a rubber stamp. Using the stamp, I personalized a candle to go with the oh, so important snuffer. 
The candle, snuffer (a really beauty, huh?), and my wedding bouquet 

The presentation of the snuffer


Jordan said...

I love it! A gift that keeps on giving?

ecb1422 said...

"Our" candle snuffer is now immortalized in cyberspace!

Kelly said...

Love it!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is such a fun tradition. And,you HAND carved a stamp? I didn't even know that was possible.