Sunday, June 20, 2010


Look what I was given by a student on Friday!  What a nice way to start the weekend.

I love hydrangeas, but sadly the ones in our yard aren't blooming as well (and I don't love the color choices).  I love, love the one on the left with the larger blueish, purpleish flowers.  I'll have to plant some next year.  And I really like the color combo of the gray walls, dark wood, and the blue-purples of the flowers (and the mirror- but that isn't a color).


Jordan said...

very nice. Are you all done teaching for the summer?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So pretty. The hydrangeas have never bloomed in my yard. They don't like it for some reason. Sad.

John said...

Very pretty flowers for a pretty lady.

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

I believe you can alter the color of hydrangeas (blue-purple-ish spectrum) by altering the pH level of the soil. Might be easier/cheaper to do than buying a new plant.

I love hydrangeas and I'm trying to figure out where in my sun-soaked yard I can plant some.