Monday, June 21, 2010

Another List

To Do by July 2nd:

~ finish the end of the school year without losing my mind or breaking down into tears- this includes packing up my room- I got a new job!
~bully John into finally hanging the new light fixture in the hallway
~clean up the backyard and plant the garden (yes I'm behind the times)
~washing the windows
~panting and setting up the outdoor furniture and lighting
~finish  Chester's toy boxes already
~get paint off the floors
~paint all the trim and doors
~hang doors
~bully John into finishing bookshelves 
~touch up wall and ceiling paint 
~install 2nd floor window AC units 
~bring sewing machine into the shop 

2 weeks- what'd ya think my odds are?


Kelly said...

You can totally do it! What's your new job?

Lauren said...

new job?!?!