Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

My parents were in town for an extra long holiday weekend.  We had a great time- fun (baseball game, pool time), productive (house projects and unpacked the craft room), action packed and relaxing.  

They also brought our family golden- Cody.  He and Chester had a boatload of fun- they swam nonstop.  It looked like a water aerobics for dogs crossed with a relay race.  We all had a great time playing with them, they provided a ton of entertainment. 

Of course, we enjoyed fireworks on the 4th.  DC has an extensive display, and it is a very cool setting in which to watch fireworks.  Rather than braving the insane crowds downtown on the mall, we opted from a slightly be smaller crowd.

Our viewing location

Hope you enjoyed a great holiday! 


CT mom said...

We definitely had a great weekend :> !!

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Cute new blog layout! The dogs look like they are having a blast.

We ended up going to Reagan Airport Parking deck to see the fireworks. It was perfect! You couldn't pay me enough to go down to the mall.

elf said...

LOVE the new layout!!!! It looks great!!! The doggy pic is so cute! That water looks so inviting!

Emily said...

Oh Chester and Cody look like they are having a ball. Casco's jealous.