Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Reviewing the List

So.....my "To-Do by 7/2" list was a bit too ambitious.   

~ finish the end of the school year without losing my mind or breaking down into tears- this includes packing up my room- I got a new job! 
DONE!  It is feels fantastic!  It took 5 full suv carloads to get everything home- did you see the baskets?  
Also- thanks to those who asked about the job.  For the past 5 years I've taught elementary sped, I've done all grades and had students with all types of disabilities. Next year I'm moving to my counties alternative middle/high school to start a program for students with Asperger's. 

~bully John into finally hanging the new light fixture in the hallway  Photo coming soon!

~clean up the backyard and plant the garden 
 The yard is just about done- only 1 bush left to trim.   I planted the garden- and everything is dead, but the basil (phew).  Letting go of the garden dream till next year.

~washing the windows

~panting and setting up the outdoor furniture and lighting 
I have a color scheme for the furniture, but haven't started painting yet.  The lighting is close to done, just need one more extension cord....

~finish  Chester's toy boxes  
About time I finished these!

~get paint off the floors

~paint all the trim and doors
It took all (day and night) of my first week of vacation to get the trim, window frames and door jams  on the 2nd floor painted.

~hang doors
~bully John into finishing bookshelves 
~touch up wall and ceiling paint 

~install 2nd floor window AC units 
thank goodness they are in- it was 102 here today!

~bring sewing machine into the shop 
I should be able to pick it up this week.

My freshly painted closet doors with my pretty new Anthro knobs.   Is it strange I like staring at my closet doors?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Holy Moley! That is an intense list. It looks like you did great!

Emily said...

Wow...you had quite the to-do list and I'm impressed with how much you accomplished. Great work!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

You got tons done! Also, that's very awesome about your new job.