Monday, August 23, 2010

Lucky Number...

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.  I enjoyed reading about all your birthday celebrations, from the swimming parties that were similar to my summer beach parties to the  birthday treat disaster. 

So the winner of my 1st blog giveaway (according to is number 6, Kim!  Kim be on the look out for an email from me.  Any ideas on what you'll scoop up?  Something for the new house, a gardening book or maybe a craft book?  Happy Unbirthday to you!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Shut up! I'm so excited. Just popped over here and I won!

You are too sweet. Thanks! I have a list of books I want from Amazon, so I may have to pull the trigger. =)

PS - I'm going to be in DC in October. Any chance you wanna meet up for dinner in the city? I'm coming a day early to see the sights so I'll be free before the conference.

Kelly said...

Congrats Kim! I'm somehow missed the giveaway...I'm a little scatter brained lately! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!