Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Notice anything in these photos?

Can you tell we are hosting not only Thanksgiving for 9 but 5 house-guests the holiday weekend?

I'm in a rush to get baking, but before I tie on my apron- some fall decorations.  Kim's theme this week was "dare to entertain".  Now normally I'm not great at table tops, but this year more than ever the rush was on; we had the shop for food, plan the menu, finish the kitchen (more on that next week), etc. And in the move a box of fall decor (with my monogrammed funkin and crafted felt pumpkins) went missing.  So very sad.

So the decorating happened last night.  The good news was that my sister is here, so not only was it a lot of fun to have her join in, but she was a huge help.  Thanks Toots.

On to the photos- all taken at night, sorry.

detail shot- I'll show how I made these holders later in the week

woven pumpkins- Target $2 spot earlier in the fall

The dinning room table 

 Pilgrims in the dinning room

 The Thankful tree from last year's DIY party- it got "trimmed" in the move

 Cookie Jar with figure friendly, seasonally "treats"

Guest room dresser

In addition to my sister and John pitching in for the decorating, we were overseen by two cute, and festive pups (they are sporting matching turkey bandannas) .

I hope everyone has a wonderful, restful and tasty Thanksgiving!


Kelly said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your weekend and house full of guests!

Amigh said...

Leigh, it all looks so beautiful! You must be having so much fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Everything looks great! I can't imagine hosting that many people and house guests. You are a saint in my book. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving! Hope you have tons of fun (and turkey).

...just beachy in the burbs said...

Our fridge looks the opposite right now because we haven't made it to the store yet. We've had so much going on with our hospital stay and then all the appointments afterwards, that I'm feeling really unprepared :( I love the baskets you have on top of your fridge by the way!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Hope it was fun!

CT mom said...

My grandpuppies definitely are THE cutest!!!