Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Back

Hello, anyone still out there?  

How did a go a month and a half without blogging?  It has been a very busy time- the days flew by.  The good news is that I've lots of photos and much to blog about.  The sad external hard-drive with all my photos for the past 5 years (wedding, honeymoon, Chester...) kicked the butt.  The geek squad was not able to recover  nearly enough.....yeah there have been fits of frustration.  

How was everyone's fall?

Who's taking part in Kim's 2nd annual Dare to DIY?!

This week's theme is "Thankful".

Last year my mom and I created a Thankful Fall Tree.

Sadly, it suffered some damage in the move.  

My project this year is a little less detailed but sweet- check it out later in the weekend.


Lauren said...

I missed reading your posts!! I am doing Kim's Dare to DIY challenges this year too! Can't wait to see your great ideas!

CT mom said...

Hurray!!! You're back :> !!!