Thursday, December 2, 2010

Read All About It

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the built-in bookshelves we added to the nook under our dormers.  

While I was unpacking I though I'd share some of my favorite items on the shelves with you all.

I love, love to read!  And while I've been getting better at using the library or passing on books; there is just something about owning (and rereading) books that I just love.  It also doesn't hurt that Amazon makes it so cheap and easy.  

I also like to organize.  I think John was only partially kidding when he asked if I was going to implement the Dewey Decimal system.  I didn't, but I did organize by genre. 
One reason I like to own books- I like to mark them up.
My favorite books of all time.  

Notice what rough shape they are in?  

 When I went to college my mom sent me off with these hard-bond, compilation books.  (yet, I still kept my originals, odd I know)
 Seeing how much I loved these books, it should be no surprise to see these on the movie side of the shelves.  

These are my fanciest books.  I believe these were Christmas gifts when I was younger.

 Some of their beautiful illustrations. 

My yearbooks from 6th grade-senior year of college.

Is it just the teacher in me that keeps kids' books on my shelf?

Guess who these books belong to?  Not me!

You know what my favorite move is right?
Yup, two copies because the VHS was a special edition and came with the script! 

Grease is also represented in the book section.  
I know you're jealous Chelsea. 

And you know how much I LOVE Rent, right?
Two DVDs- one live from Broadway, the other is the theater movie from a few years ago.  Two books- the taller is the official books and I have some autographs inside.

"It's the most wonderful time of year", I'm excited to watch these!
I know a friend has been watching them for months :)

My FAVORITE Christmas movie!!

I strongly dislike these holiday movies.

I'm fairly certain this will be John at Home Depot  in a few short years. 

What's on your shelves?

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