Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The last part of Kim's party is Christmas Traditions.  I love traditions, Christmas traditions....double bonus.  They rock my world.  I think in the past I've shared some of my favorite (but can't find the post).  In my family we have many long standing traditions:
-Each day after Thanksgiving my mom gives us a new Christmas CD
-Christmas Cookies
-various decor
- Christmas Eve church
-family events
-getting a new ornament in my stocking
-diy gifts

But for this post I wanted to focus on relatively new traditions that John and I have adopted (or are planning to).  Since I love Christmas so much, it was/is important to me that we develop traditions.

This is a three part Christmas tradition series:
1. Gingerbread Houses
2. Cookies and cocktails
3. DC Christmas outing

For as long as I can remember my mom had/let/helped my sister and I make gingerbread houses.  Mostly we cheated and used graham crackers.  I haven't done one in 8ish years.  This year I wanted to not only make gingerbread houses, but invite friends over to join us.  Our friends, Brynn and Adam, were totally up for the event.

We had a great time!!!

 she was very excited and took her construction seriously 

No one else at the table had made a gingerbread house before.  In fact, when I sent John to the store with the direction "get fun candy for the gingerbread houses" he returned with ghirardelli and lindt chocolates.

We spent hours adding to our creations.
 Wine helps with creativity 
Our finished products 

Do you make gingerbread houses?


Anonymous said...

So fun! The snowman is quite creative! I want to play next year too! ck

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

awwww.... so fun. We've tried gingerbread houses once, and it didn't go well. I'm not very patient.

But yours look great. And it looks fun.

Amigh said...

OMG!!! Adam won the tacky sweater award AND got to make gingerbread houses??

Kelly said...

Looks like fun!