Monday, February 21, 2011

The 411

In December I reveled our kitchen re-do (thanks for all your positive comments!), and promised to share the details.....but I just recently remembered to take some day-light photos.

Details- sorry it is so an effort to keep it shorter, I've just added simple captions...and split everything over two days- in no special or organized manner 

Backsplash- marble tiles from Home Depot, I bought twice as much as we needed and sorted through to find the "right" tiles- some were too yellow, too brown or too red, I only wanted white or gray with blue undertones.  In hindsight we should have used non-sanded grout, and we still need to clean up the caulk lines.

 Our morning fill-up station 

The new backdoor John installed all by himself. Chester likes the extra row of windows, so he can now see in easily, we like that he doesn't have to jump on the door.  And we all like the extra light it lets in.

The low hutches (which clear on not styled inside or out) are actually media hutches from C&B.  Originally there was a desk in that spot, but this extra storage is much more practical for us.  And as a double bonus- it was cheaper than recreating the desk and can move with us (when the time comes).  

The hardware- both the pulls and knobs are satin nickel.   I ordered them from, and we are really pleased with the quality- they are heavy weight, easy to clean and came at a great price $60 and $78 (respectively) for 25 of each.

The spice shelf- it is a Lack shelf from Ikea. The spices are in their Droppar jars.  I used my label-maker to personalize all the jars.  Yes, they are lined up alphabetically.  Oh, and the under cabinet lights- they rock my world! 

The large cutting board is one of my favorite wedding gifts it stays on the counter 24-7, mostly because it is too large to pull in and out of cabinet regularly. See the cake-stand behind it?  Another little helping hand in the kitchen, it keeps my oil, pepper mill, salt and toothpicks (for testing baked goods) close at hand.

What little kitchen helpers do you keep at hand?


Anonymous said...

I love love love your backsplash! How difficult/annoying was it to install the microwave? We don't have an under cabinet one but we would love to install one!

Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

What under cabinet lighting did you use?

SM said...

I love your kitchen, Leigh! And the spice rack is a great idea - I may (eventually) steal it!

Kelly said...

The kitchen looks great! Love the lighting under the cabinets!

Emily said...

Oh Leigh! The backsplash is FABULOUS. Gorgeous remodel, I'm so impressed. And I love your spice shelf!

Emily said...

Also, does Chester really not jump on the door now that he can see in? He's way better than Casco.

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed! We must have a play date so I can see it in real life. Miss you! ck

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is so pretty! I really really like it. Love the lack shelf as a spice rack. Seriously considering doing this at our house.

And, those low pieces under the window are perfect for storage.

And dont' get me started on those lovely tiles? Marble? Yes please.

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

Oh my - where to begin! I love the backsplash and I love love the spice rack. I am so jealous of the labels - my spices are gangster, I just wrote on the tops with sharpie.

You guys did a fantastic job - I love how bright the space feels.