Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts Please!

I know I still owe you the second part of the kitchen details, and I plan to respond to all comments and questions in a follow-up post (so keep them coming).....but I have an issue I need input on (and that I'm super pumped about).

Tonight I scored these two bad boys off Craig's List- it was 100 bucks for the set!

              image 2229213004-0  image 2229213004-1
seller's photos
The tall one will be fantastic storage in my craft room, and I'm saving the re-doing project for a later date.  I was actually only looking for a dresser because there is a funky little insert in our little hallway area between the kitchen and pantry.  The space needed something, and I could always use more storage space.  The thing is, the space is only 50 inches long and 14 deep, way too small for a traditional buffet or sideboard.  I considered built in base cabinets but a dresser just has more personality and is more versatile in the long run.
Before kitchen photo- see the edge of the fridge? It is in the nook.

That is the nook on the left- straight ahead is the pantry (kitchen is behind "us")

Here it is home and "tucked in".
bad photo I know- too excited to wait to take a daylight photo

So now....what color do I paint it?  At first I was thinking a brown-gray, like all the colors Kim was investigating, but now I'm thinking something brighter?  **did I mention I want to paint it this weekend?

The knobs and pulls I'm currently digging:
Anthro- of course                   Martha for HD                                 thoughts? too odd?

Little Touches:
The white Ribba shelves laying across the dresser, will be hanging above it (clearly to cover the water hook-ups which are against code to dry wall in).
On the shelves will be this artwork and photos- obviously need to grow the collection and include some objects (looking for a little round mirror).

The utensil art work is a special request from twigcreative on etsy.

And I'm thinking a fun, bright colored lamp will sit on top.

Let me hear all your ideas.....please!!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Good find on the dresser. It fits perfectly there and will look great with the shelves above it.

I'm afraid if you went grey-brown, it may just be too close to the wall color. What about a dark steely grey? Or bright red or yellow. I love both red and yellow with lighter blue-greys.

I'm really really excited to see what you do. I can tell you that. =)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

PS I love the utensil art. So cute!

SM said...

LOVE the last "branch-like" hardware, it's very unique. And I, too, think that grey would blend in a bit too much with the wall...would you consider doing something like an antique-y looking white??

CT mom said...

Is there a fun color that is in the fabric from your kitchen chairs and your dining room curtains? If you don't like that idea I would go with a dark gray as Kim says or the color of your kitchen cabinets.

CT mom said...

I'm liking the idea of something in the seafoam range...fits both areas plus would continue with the beachy/seaglass theme..and look fine withe the wall color.

Kristen @ Miss Prissy Paige said...

I love the utensil art - so cheeky! And I can't believe you scored those deals on Craigslist - every time I look its all crud.

Anonymous said...

Utensil art is so cute! Maybe a color that is in the art for the dresser. ck

Amigh said...

Hey Leigh, I love the utensils! Totally different than how I pictured them.

Since I'm posting on Sunday afternoon, I suspect you've already started to paint the dresser; what color?

Amigh said...

p.s what size and color of "little round mirror" are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

Great find with the dresser. And I love the art!