Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Around

Yarn wreaths are all around the blog world.  Lauren made two and earned bonus points for a fancy shaped one, Leigh made one for her dining room shelves.  And for some reason I've been on a wreath making kick naturally I made one.

It is not at all complicated- clearly.  However, it did take more time than I expected- 1 hour to wrap the batting, 4 hours for the yarn.

Step 1 ~ Wrap batting around a wreath form.  Notes: I used tacky glue- too lazy for the glue gun, use scrap batting-mine was multiple randomly sized/shaped pieces, any type of wreath form (vine, floral, foam,etc.) works-this was laying around, it was supposed to be a black feather one for Halloween   Why? It gives the wreath more "fullness" and a rounder, curvier shape.

Doesn't Chester look cute all framed? 

Step 2 ~ Wrap the yarn.  Notes: I used tacky glue- too lazy for the glue gun, the whole skein was too cumbersome to work with so I wound and cut little balls to work with, I did two "coats"   Why? The first was to make it (kind of) straight, the second was to give full coverage and texture.

Step 3 ~ Add embellishments. I made the flowers from this site- she has some pretty cool yarn wreaths too.  Notes: again, too lazy for the glue gun, make some practice flowers and extras to try different size, the pearls were stickers (that I added glue to) in the Michael's dollar section 

 I need to get a wide ribbon to hang it from

 Should I add a larger purple above the gray one? Or maybe a smaller cluster on the upper left hand side (like the 9-10:00)?

There are endless options, it is super addictive, and cheap to boot.  I might need to make more- different seasons, different holidays.

As an aside, I really wanted to make a holly berry (marron and champagne colors) but I can't find any stems.  Is it really a Christmas exclusive item?  Annoying.

What's hanging on your door today?


Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

Looking good! I love the rosettes. I want to do another layer of yarn on my wreath to give it a fuller look at make some rosettes as well.

I love how the batting makes it look fuller.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It's really cute! But 4 hours? I don't know that I have the patience. But I love looking at yours!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Man 4 hours? I must be a fast yarn wrapper.. it didn't take me that long. I hope you were watching t.v. or something to keep you entertained. I love love love your flowers! Please show us how to make them!!

CT mom said...

I think add one to the cluster you already have(remember "things in odd numbers"). Very cute Leigh! And of course Chester is handsome:>