Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lobstah Love

I am a Lobstah Loven' girl! 

I don't know when I fist ate lobster, pretty young I'm sure.  All I know is that I love it!  And I like it classic- please don't F with my lobster!  No fancy sauces, don't put in on pizza, no grilling required.  All I need is some drawn butter, the crackers and a pick.   I take pride in being able to remove the tail and claw whole.  And yes, I do suck out the meat leg- just like my dad taught me!

This fall the Red Hook Lobster food truck opened in DC.  It quickly became (wait for it...) legendary.  The truck's location was announced daily via Twitter. In fact people waited for an hour in the weekday lunch line.  I was dying to go, but I don't work downtown (never mind the fact that my lunch is 35 minutes) and the truck was only open on weekdays.

Finally, they started dishin' up the deliciousness on Saturdays.  Last weekend Chester, John and I went on a Lobster hunt (in 6 inches of icy snow).   Warning: I was drooling too much to worry about great photos.
John's Maine Style Roll (with mayo) 

My Connecticut Style Roll (with drawn butter)
See that roll- I didn't bother with, just used my fingers to taste each yummy bit

The creamy, awesome clam chowda we shared I let John have bite of- love that they gave me oyster crackers

I also enjoyed a hot apple cider! And we split a whoopie pie.

How do you enjoy your lobster? 


Leigh @ Kesler Expressler said...

You're making me hungry! I like lobster but don't eat it very often {hello, pricey!}. But this, this looks delicious.

Emily said...

You do know that we're pretty much the same person, right? Oh I love me some lobster. I dressed Thomas as one for Halloween I love it so much.

One day, when Casco and I come to visit you and Chester, we're going to do a lobstah tour. I've just decided it.

Emily said...

Oh, and I love a Maine Style lobster roll, generally I don't like fancified lobster dishes - but my mom made Lobster Mac and Cheese a while back. Oh mah gah. So freaking good.

Anonymous said...

I am a new follower :) I also teach SPED and am from Maine so I LOVE lobster!!!!! Cute blog!

CT mom said...

Leigh..your roll looks SO good!!! Big pieces just like J. Hooks in Boston! Next time I'm down we might have to go on a lobster hunt :>!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I've only had lobster grilled with buttah. Loves it. I think I need to try this ellusive lobster roll you speak of. Sounds awesome. My grandpa makes us lobster for birthdays, so that's really the only time I get it.

PS - I love your photo. You are adorable.