Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Den "Done"

Last week I shared that we have "finished" our den.  And I shared the dry-erase and cork boards I created for the space.

This was the first room or decorating project we've tackled, after completing all our major "fix-it" projects we are now at the decorating stage.  I'm attempting to go room by room, to at least get rooms started.

We started with this room for a few reasons.  First to make it functional, when we started it was basically a storage space.  Second, it is a small room which made it less overwhelming for me.  Lastly, we needed a space where John could work from home and I wanted a comfortable sitting-area without a TV.


The only things that stayed were a bookshelf, the cork board (which I covered), and, a round wire side table (previously used to hold a now dead plant).


Artwork Close Up-
These are the prints of vintage WPA national park posters.  But dear lord, the trouble we've had getting them framed.  The one on the right is shorter than the rest, and the center frame is wider than the others. I'm in the process of dealing with A.C. Moore over this issue. 

Still To-Do:
-cover pillows
-make a quilt (for color, pattern, texture, practically) 
-deal with ceiling fan (John won't let me get rid of it)
-what else???


Elf said...

Wow! Love the colors! That first pic looks like it could be in a magazine! Way to go - it looks awesome!

The Queen said...

Looks amazing! Like HGTV meets MTV. Love your scheme...

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks GREAT! Love the colors you chose. And I'm really liking the round coffee table. And the desk - love the DESK!

Kelly said...

Looks great! I love the round coffee table!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see it in person! Everything looks wonderful. ck

Anonymous said...

This room looks great!! I really like the art. Sorry to hear that it was such a pain. I will have to include this in my top ten for march!

Anonymous said...

really like the den -toots