Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've Got Mail

Thank you for all your feedback on my table issues.  I'm still pondering but hope to decide soon.  Don't worry I'll share photos.

As you know by now, our house was/is in need of a good deal of updating.  One major area that needs work is our front yard.  We have NO curb appeal.

Case in point- this was our mailbox.  It still has the engraved nameplate of the original owner (2 prior to us).

However, wall-mounted mailboxes are not cheap or cute, nor are they easy to find. I didn't really have many specifications in mind, other than large enough to store a magazine flat (in the original it had to be rolled up) and not-tacky. 

About a month ago I spotted this simple beauty at the RH outlet.  It was marked down to $38 from $89.
While it definitely fit the non-tacky requirement it was a bit too plain and boring for my taste. 

My silhouette machine made it easy to add some Leigh-bellishment.

One last little touch....
since the wall-mounted style don't have flags to make it clear that there is mail to be gathered, our mail carry often failed to pick-up our mail for days at a time.  I made this laminated-magnetic envelope with the silhouette (again).

What holds your mail?

*of course last weekend I discovered PB's cute and "reasonably" priced mailboxes. Check them out here.


Anonymous said...

PB ones are super cute...but OMG...yours is amazing! Love it! Great thinking on the magnetic envelope to show you have mail that needs to be picked up. So clever. Now, watch for some mail! ck

Emily said...

OMG, so cute! Nice work, Leigh!

Kelly said...

Cute and much better than the mailbox with someone else's name on it. We have a GIANT mailbox at the end of the street that has everyone's mail...it's not as nearly as cute.

Elf said...

Your mailbox is way cuter than the PB ones!!! I love it! Great job on the numbers, they look AWESOME! We had a mailbox like that growing up and my mom used to use a clothes pin to attach the outgoing mail to the outside of the box. Your way protects the mail better from rain and wind though :)

CT mom said...

Super job on the numbers, Leigh!! Want to make some for me ;> ?

Amigh said...

Love the numbers! But what's up with the furniture you bought on Craigslist????

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

We have boring boxes for the entire neighborhood - this is so cute!